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Body Atlas Reveals Where We Feel Happiness and Shame

  A great article from Discover magazine about where emotions reside in the body.  More proof of the Mind-Body connection.  

Understanding Pain

  This is a great little video explaining how pain is recognized in the body.  The artist in me loves the drawing    

The Health Hazards of Sitting

  Here’s an important article called “The Health Hazards of Sitting” that speaks to the damage our bodies suffer from leading a sedentary lifestyle. Click below to read the article.        

Topical analgesics I recommend

Now at Harrington Massage you can purchase Biofreeze, Sombra and Enzyme Ice (Nutri- West). These are all great products for reducing stiffness, inflammation, chronic or acute pain in muscles and joints.  All of these products have natural ingredients and many beneficial herbs.  To place an order or for more information contact Harrington Massage Therapy.  


Massage is not a luxury, It’s for your Health!


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