Massage is not a luxury, It’s for your Health!

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Massage is Holistic

Massage is a natural form of medicine as well as an effective approach to preventative care. It is a holistic way of achieving optimum health and a potential alternative to invasive surgeries or pharmaceuticals.

Why Harrington Massage Therapy?

Many of us have either experienced a massage or are familiar with the concept of receiving a massage.   A typical Swedish or Deep tissue massage lasts for about an hour and is mainly targeted for relaxation purposes.  Although there are therapeutic advantages from these types of massages, generally speaking the benefits are short lived, sometimes only for a period of 24 hours.  If you are searching for bodywork with lasting results make an appointment at our office and experience the difference for yourself.

Our clinic specializes in goal-oriented bodywork focused on your overall health and well being. You are a crucial part of your own healing process.  Our therapists will always treat you with C.A.R.E:

C –consider data: skillfully review all the data gathered in your initial session and devise an individual treatment plan for your session.

adopt and adapt a plan: you with your therapist will devise a short term and long term plan for achieving and maintaining a pain free way of life.

R –render care: your therapist will provide a safe and relaxing atmosphere striving to create an ideal healing environment.

E –evaluate and educate: after your massage is over your therapist will tell you their findings during your session and explain what and where they felt “issues in the tissues” and teach you techniques to prevent it from happening again.


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Massage is not a luxury, It’s for your Health!


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